What is TOPES?

TOPES is software which makes the procurement process inside companies more efficient and transparent.


TOPES supplier network

We combine the best suppliers of goods and services in the B2B segment to bring more value for our clients.

We use the latest technology and improve our product every day to make procurement more efficient for both customers and suppliers.


Why we should start cooperation?


  1. You will receive all orders On-line, which will significantly reduce the number of telephone communication between you and the customer.

  2. You will receive the efficient channel for communication with all clients.

  3. You can check statuses of all orders, history and analytics.

All this will significantly reduce costs and automate processes.


How exactly TOPES can help cut costs?

Basic functionality for suppliers:

  • Update your company's profile

  • Change delivery and payment terms

  • Create and manage online catalog

  • Track order delivery statuses

How much is a functional and process optimization?

We don't charge anything from suppliers. If you want to increase amount of orders you receive you can become a General Supplier and propose discounts for our clients.


How to start working with TOPES?

  1. Leave application for registration of a new supplier.

  2. Carefully read the rules work in TOPES.

  3. Sign the contract.

  4. Upload your directory TOPES.


Contract                   Rules